Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Visiting Forest Garden

Forest Garden are the latest supplier that the Evergreens group had the opportunity to visit.  They are the leading manufacturer and distributor of timber garden products, primarily sheds, fencing, decking and decorative structures.

This is a business that is truly growing.  Reaping the benefits of changing social, financial and environmental factors in the UK.  More people have smaller houses, with less indoor storage, requiring a shed.  More people are entertaining at home - rather than dining out - and are investing in their gardens and decking.  Severe storms are becoming more frequent boosting the demand for new fencing and fence posts.  Rising popularity for grow-your-own is injecting money into timber greenhouses and coldframes.  Suffice to say, Forest have invested a great deal in their Hartlebury bases in recent years to prepare for this 'perfect storm'.  Forest have several UK sawmills, and no shortage of trees!  Tastes are changing though, and besides the plantations in Northumberland and Scotland, more timber is being sourced from the colder, northern Europe for some products.  It was interesting to learn how UK and Continental timber compare.  It is also interesting to consider how a changing climate could affect both types of tree, and demand for them in the future.

The Homebase Garden Academics were spared the chance to build a shed of their own, but Rob and Andrew made us very welcome on our tour of the facilities, for which we are very grateful.

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