Friday, 12 February 2016

6 months

We're about halfway through our Homebase Garden Academy year.  The experience so far has been amazing.  On the road we've helped transform an abandoned BBC garden, whilst almost completing an Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) Level 1 Practical Horticulture qualification.  We've had our minds opened to garden planning and design with Adam Frost.  We've visited market leading suppliers, enabled and informed to relay the information to customers and colleagues.  In our own stores, we've stormed through Christmas, and the preparation for the peak Easter season.  We've taken cuttings, divided bulbs, cultivated ground, and seeded soil at Birmingham's historical Botanical Gardens.

The Evergreens (pictured) might be the smallest of this year's Academy groups, but the shared experience has brought the team together.

So what happens in the second half? Well, we don't know for certain.  There is talk of a charity project, with an Academy competition to design the space.  We have the City & Guilds recognised Garden Licence to complete.  Two further seasons of learning in our stores including the colourful and busy Spring and Summer.  There are a host of suppliers to visit around the UK as well.  We might even be able to pursue the RHS Level 2 qualification.  Its going to be a fascinating time.

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